2018 Thee & Thou GLHF (Good Luck, Have Fun)

2018 Thee & Thou GLHF (Good Luck, Have Fun)

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Region: Lodi < CA

Grapes: Graciano, Garnacha

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic farming (CCOF); gravelly clay
loam soils, grapes were picked and fermented separately due to
ripening. Garnacha first on Sept 10, Graciano on Oct 2.  Both wines
were foot stomped, both fermented about 12 days and were then pressed
off.  The wines were blended together and aged in barrel for 12 months
after which they were bottled and labeled by hand; bottled
unrefined/unfiltered with minimal So2; 13% ABV; 200 cases

Winemaker: John Donaghue

Skyscraper building engineer turned natural wine rising star, John
Donaghue got his start working under Clos Saron’s Gideon Beinstock,
one of California’s natural wine trailblazers. Making wines that are
light on their feet and yet incredibly complex out of his winery on
Treasure Island, John uses the same low-intervention techniques,
neutral oak, and native ferments that were ingrained in him at Clos
Saron.  Like most upstart Cali winemakers, John doesn’t own vineyards,
so he casts a wide net to find clean fruit and old vines in NorCal’s
outlying regions.

The grapes here, of Spanish origin, come from the Terra Alta Vineyard
at the mouth of the Central Valley in the Clements Hills
sub-appellation of Lodi, where long, gently rolling hills start
thinking about becoming the Sierras.  Markus Bokisch farms it
organically, certified CCOF.  Here, ocean air sweeps in through the SF
Bay and over the California Delta and through Lodi in the evening,
which creates a large diurnal temperature swing that helps the grapes
hold onto their acid and gives freshness to the wine.  They combine in
this light-bodied red blend meant for easy drinking - it's named GLHF
(an Aussie term for "good luck have fun"), after all.   Not sure about
luck, but it is a fun wine, full of electric energy with sour cherry,
woodsy earthiness and a subtle hint of smoke.  We love it, slightly
chilled, with Mexican food, the smokier the better!


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