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2018 Terres Blanches Gamay de Bouze

2018 Terres Blanches Gamay de Bouze

Region:  Loire < France  

Grapes: Gamay de Bouze

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified Organic & biodynamic, 10 ha of vines in ferrous & roussard sandstone soils, 25-year average age of vines, harvested very ripe, 50% of the harvest in whole bunches and destem the remaining 50% in frustoconical tuns, semi-carbonic maceration, one-year aging, bottled unfined/unfiltered with <10 mg/L sulfites, 13.5% ABV

Winemaker: Céline & Benoit Blet

Terres Blanches, meaning 'The White Earth', makes only single varietal wines in an incredible, biodynamic way. Céline & Benoit's estate is a constellation of small plots in a landscape naturally protected by trees, groves, meadows, and bird sanctuaries. Since their arrival in 2004, they have replanted 5 hectares of vines to ensure a human and economic balance. Céline & Benoit conduct in their vineyards and cellar to the rhythms of the seasons and the lunar calendar in organic and biodynamic agriculture. To reduce their carbon footprint, they work only with local suppliers for inputs when possible, and recycle the fruits of their farm to make hay that feeds their beloved horse, Tundra du Moulin, a Trait Poitevin mule, and their small herd of sheep. With the help of their local community, they even harvest fava beans and triticale seeds for their green manures. Talk about a supportive ecosystem!

Perhaps even more incredible, their plots of Gamay de Bouze are made available after each harvest to producers of organic medicinal plants so they can harvest the red vine leaves known for their blood circulation benefits. In turn, those producers provide Terres Blanches with different organic plants, like horsetail and yarrow, which are needed for their (get this) biodynamic herbal teas!  So we love this producer already for their hippie, earth-friendly ways, but happily, the wine is stellar -- clearly happy vines make excellent wines.  Like this juicy, inky Gamay de Bouze (different from the typical Gamay de Noir varietal that you see in Beaujolais) that is ironically not too 'boozy' but instead perfectly balanced, with bright blackberry, plum and minerality.  You know we love Gamay, and we tend to hoard great examples like this, because prices have been rising and supply (due to a few tough vintages), dwindling... but  at this price point, it doesn't have to be a special occasion to open a bottle (or finish it, since it's squeaky clean + bio-D)!  So we'd call this our kind of Tuesday night of wine.  
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