2018 Humus Rosé

2018 Humus Rosé

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Region: Lisbon < Portugal

Grapes: Touriga Nacional

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, certified by Sativa PT since
2007; clay/limestone soils; fermented in tank and aged 12 months in
225L old barrel; zero additions, not even SO2; unfined/unfiltered;
12.5% ABV; 150 cases

Winemaker: Rodrigo Filipe

Quinta do Paço is Rodrigo’s small family farm, about one hour north of Lisbon and 20km from the Atlantic, a cool microclimate where you get
cooling sea breezes and high humidity (good for maintaining acid in
grapes). Rodrigo’s father planted the first parcels of vines in the
90’s but it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that Rodrigo took on the
role as winemaker (winegrower actually), after working as an engineer.
He has no formal oenology training, having learned by reading his
father’s old wine books, attending various courses and workshops, and
by following his gut, always focused on the quality of the grapes and
the health of the soil.  He adds nothing to his wines, not even So2,
but they're super clean, a true reflection of his thick clay/limestone
soils and the salty air that blows over from the sea.

Rodrigo ferments this wine on the skins, then ages it in big, old
barrels for a year - that's serious treatment for a rosé.  Indeed,
Rodrigo wanted more than a simple porch pounder from this wine, which
is made more like an orange wine than most pinks.  And indeed this is
a very special and unique rosé, with layers of rhubarb, strawberries
and earth, a kiss of tannins and an almost chewy texture.  It's a
conversation starter, worthy of the dinner table or slow sipping on a
warm night.

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