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2018 Ardure Blush of Zinfandel Beveridge Vineyard

2018 Ardure Blush of Zinfandel Beveridge Vineyard

Region: Dry Creek Valley < Sonoma < CA
Grape: Zinfandel
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: CCOF-certified organic farming; soils are gravelly loam with huge chunks of energetic quartz crystal strewn throughout;Grapes rested overnight in the cool room and were pressed off the next day into a VC stainless steel tank where it started primary fermentation. Once primary was finishing, the wine was racked off into neutral barrique on the 19th of September to naturally start ML. The wine immediately underwent malolactic conversion and continued to rest on it's fine lees until racking two days before bottling on April 1st, unfined, unfiltered and with less than 8 ppm free sulphur; 11.5% ABV
Winemaker: Jason Ruppert

Ardure, which translates to "the heat of passion" in olde French, is a brand-new project from my good friend Jason Ruppert, who has a long history in Bay Area wine.  He started as a sommelier running wine programs in Marin, Sonoma and SF before migrating into wine production, where he learned the ropes of biodynamic and organic farming from gurus like Ted Lemon of Littorai and Steve Matthiasson.  He also worked three vintages with Pax Mahle, Scott Schultz of Jolie Laide, Ryan and Megan Glaab of RYME and Jaimee Motley before being given the opportunity to farm two vineyards on his own and to make his first set of three wines for his inaugural vintage, 2018.

Jason farms both his Chardonnay from Marin county and Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley naturally, with no sprays of copper or sulphur.  Both sites are also implementing regenerative farming methods, working with specific cover crops to help nourish and protect the soil. The wines are vinified in the most natural of ways with their healthy, native yeasts, basket pressing and letting all wines go through malolactic fermentation on their own, and using little to no sulphur right before bottling. He also uses different crystals during primary fermentation to add in extra energetic vibrancy.  We LOVE this.

When asked to describe Ardure, Jason told us, "The general philosophy behind Ardure is integrity within making truly natural wines from the ground up. Conscious farming, attentive vinification and diligent care for our environment. And I ferment my wines with crystals to increase energetic vibration and to also stabilize the natural algorithm within the wine."

Jason has a soft spot for this wine.  He says, "The blush was the first wine I made. Love rosé!".  We LOVE Jason's take on rosé, which is barely there, an angel's kiss.  The color is almost transparent, just the slightest hint of rose gold, and it's as dry as a bone, not even a hint of sweetness.  In fact, it veers way opposite: super savory and salty, it tastes like prosciutto-wrapped melon.   For real.  It's aperitivo, one and done.  Definitely one for the "delicious water" category, so light and refreshing you can down it way too quickly.  Buy two.
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