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2017 Subject to Change Feliz Creek Method Ancestral Sparkling

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Grape: Sauvignon Blanc - Musque Clone

Region: Hopland < Mendocino County < CA

Vineyard/cellar stats: Dry-farmed 40-year-old vines on loamy soils along Feliz Creek; they freeze a portion of the unfermented grape juice (must) then let 20% of the fruit undergo carbonic maceration; the rest of the base wine is pressed and fermented dry before combining with the carbonic juice. The unfermented grape must is thawed and added back to get the secondary fermentation going in bottle. Unfined, unfiltered and untouched. No sulfur is harmed in the making of this wine - 210 cases produced / 12% Alcohol

Winemaker: Alex Pomerantz 

Alex says: “this a unique cuvée because this section of the vineyard is virused, so it's getting pulled out (don't worry, you won't get sick). This fruit was simply going to rot off of the vine, but it was way too tasty for us to allow that to happen. While we're sad that we won't be able to recreate this wine, it's very cool to have this one-off wine.”  We think so too.  Lightly bubbly, lush tropical fruit and electric acid, it’s fresh and energizing. Or as Alex says, “total breakfast wine, but please don’t mix it with OJ, just drink wine at breakfast like a boss.” 

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