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2017 Papras Bio Wines 'Oreads' Black Muscat

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Region: Tyrnavos < Greece

Grape: Black Muscat of Tyrnavos

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic farming; limestone soils; macerated on skins for 10 days, then fermented with indigenous yeast in stainless steel tank, paper filtration; 10ppm So2 at bottling only; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Stegios Papras

Stegios Papras, a big believer in organic viticulture, makes fresh wines from the indigenous grapes of the area of Tyrnavos, at the base of Mount Olympus. This neon orange rosé, named for the nymphs of the mountains, gets its color naturally from a quick press of the black-skinned, ferociously aromatic Black Muscat of Tyrnavos. It smells like opulent tuberose flowers and drippy, juicy nectarine but the palate is dry, tart and a tad salty, with a hit of pleasant bitterness under the pretty flowers.  It's like biting into a big, juicy ruby red grapefruit with a sprinkle of sea salt and rose dust.  Amazing with Indian curries or a summery salad with fruit and cheese.

These wines are wildly popular now, and thus allocated, so we only got 1 case.  I love this wine so much, I was tempted to not even put it on the site.  But, sharing is caring, so go forth and grab the few remaining bottles and be prepared to fall instantly, madly in love.

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