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2017 Mas del Perie 'Les Agudes' Vin de France

2017 Mas del Perie 'Les Agudes' Vin de France

Region: Cahors < France

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Chardonnay, Semillon

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified Biodynamic, limestone soil, 350m altitude, fermented and aged in old oak or cement, unfined and unfiltered, <20 ppm SO2

Winemaker: Fabien Jouves

Fabien Jouves first made a name for himself in the wine world with his phenomenal and revolutionary, at the time, AOC Cahors wines. His lineup of terroir and vineyard specific Malbec as well as his youth and brazen personality all made for good debate. Only just over 30 years old now, Fabien took over his parent’s estate in 2008 and boldly started bottling his Cahors in – gasp – a Burgundy bottle. While not regulated by the AOC, every appellation in South West France goes by the unspoken rule of bottling in a Bordeaux bottle to mimic their neighbors to the north. Why Burgundy? Because Fabien saw their philosophy as much more aligned with his – a focus on vineyard, terroir and personal winemaking – as something he wanted to emulate. Now, he has gone even further astray from the AOC and created an entire lineup of vins de soif, essentially chug-now versions of his AOC wines. While he was always working naturally, these put him on the natty map, and now he is a fixture at natural wine fairs around the world. This wine is gorgeously honeyed and floral and downright seductive on the nose. And so balanced on the palate – this does seem like an odd-ball blend of varieties but holy crap does it work. The Chenin and Chardonnay offer texture and weight while that acidity from the limestone bounces around in your mouth. And that craaaazy orange blossom, honeysuckle stuff is the work of the Sauv Gris and Semillon. Les Agudes is no less well put together than any of Fabien’s other gems and its going to have a similar range of food to pair with it.

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