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2017 Lectores Vini Conca de Barberá ‘Pomagrana’ Trepat

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Region: Conca de Barbera < Catalonia < Spain
Grapes: Trepat
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: biodynamic farming: 10% ABV
Winemaker: Fredi Torres

Fredi Torres, former DJ, has his hands in a bunch of natural wine projects throughout Spain, like this and this featured in past Rock Juice selections. Fredi is known for finessing elegant wines out of big, bodacious varieties like Carignan and Grenache. This is his Conca de Barberà project, a lesser known DO down in southern Catalonia.  Or at least it's lesser known here in the States because most Americans only know the Spanish wines that are big, high-alcohol and red-blooded.  Conca de Barbera is not that.  Here, the main red player is Trepat, a light grape used make ethereal, pale and herbal reds and rosés. Pert and mineral, with a refreshing 10% alcohol and just barely ripe, lively raspberry, cranberry, and (duh!) pomegranate fruit. Also, it's a tiny bit foresty smelling. Great pairing for fish, or serve with an assortment of snacks as your super fun and crushable party wine.

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