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2017 La Sorga Grand Pestilence Vin De France

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Region: Langeuedoc-Roussillon < France
Grapes: Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, Grenache Rouge
Vineyard/cellar stats: Biodynamic farming; whole cluster fermentation; no temperature control; nothing added, ever, not even So2; 12.5% ABV
Winemaker: Anthony Tortul

La Sorga is the project of Anthony Tortul, a young dude based in the Languedoc region, in the shadow of the Pyrénées mountains, not far from the sea.   He works with nine different vineyards all over Southern France (and does the farming himself) in order to make tiny lots of a bunch of different single vineyard cuvées, all from old-vine organic or biodynamic grapes, with the goal of expressing the unique terroir of each.  And now Anthony farms a few of his own vineyards to add to his mix of irreverent and highly sought after line of natty wines, all with provocative names and killer labels.  'Grand Pestilence' is his love letter to Grenache, a lightish red made using the three different shades of this local grape.  Stacked with generous but crunchy red fruit and loads of minerality, this wine has swagger but also soul.  It's soft, sour cherries, salted raspberries, muddled fresh herbs and a buzzy, tongue-tickling acidity.  It's mad chillable.  And extremely limited.  We got 12 bottles.  DAMN. 

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