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2017 Domaine Miolanne Vin de Pays du Puy de Dôme Intempéries

2017 Domaine Miolanne Vin de Pays du Puy de Dôme Intempéries

Region:Chaîne des Puys < Côtes D’Auvergne< France

Grapes: Gamay

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, volcanic clay-limestone soils; partial carbonic fermentation; vinified and aged in stainless steel, 20+ year old vines; 12.5% ABV

Winemakers: Laure Cartier and Jean-Baptiste Deroche

Couple Laure and Jean-Baptiste come from a history of organic viticulture and took over Domaine Miolanne a few years ago, converting the estate to full organics and now make a small amount of wine that takes the uniquely volcanic terroir of the Auvergne to a new level. Cycling fanatics take note: you might have heard of this obscure and sparsely populated French region – it’s a regular stop on the Tour de France, because volcanoes make good hills for bikers to climb.  While common in Italy, volcanic soil is a rarity in France, and most of the Auvergne is actually preserved as a regional park because of it. In fact, Puy de Dôme, a lava dome that is one of the youngest volcanoes in the Chaîne des Puys region of Massif Central in central France, was created by an eruption *just* 10,700 years ago. In fact, the last eruption happened in 4,040 B.C.  Laure and Jean-Baptiste buy organic Gamay, known for expressing soil type, from a neighbor with vineyards on the slopes of the volcano itself.  That volcanic minerality comes through loud and clear in this wine that balances carbonic Gamay lift and juiciness with stony minerality. Like drinking carbonic rocks, in the best way.

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