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2017 Centopassi ‘Giato’ Bianco

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Region: Sicily < Italy

Grapes:Grillo, Cataratto  

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: certified organic farming; high-elevation, rocky limestone soils; fermented in stainless steel; SO2 under 30ppm; 13% ABV

Winemaker: Giovanni Ascione

Another one from this amazing new project in Sicily, led by the social cooperative Libera Terra.  In a nutshell: as we all know, the mafia was a pretty big deal in Sicily, and to support and cover up their illegal activities they owned and exploited a lot of land. When the Italian government began prosecuting and convicting many notorious Mafiosi, they also confiscated their lands, leaving thousands of hectares abandoned. Recently the government started several organizations throughout the country to rehabilitate the neglected fields and bring life to them, in stark contrast to the death these lands have witnessed. Libera Terra is the group charged with replanting the land to vineyards to make the Centopassi wines. Certified organic farming is one of the most important tenets of Libera Terra and their recovery mission.  Fun fact: the vineyards are located just outside the town of Corleone, of Godfather fame. They have partnered with winemaker Giovanni Ascione, who brings his natural winemaking experience and philosophy to the new project. This is their entry level white, named for Mount Jato, where the vineyards are located. Medium-bodied and floral, with stone fruit, grapefruit, and a lovely saltiness, and a backbone of zippy acidity.  Incredible freshness and value.

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