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2017 Anthony Thévenet Morgon

2017 Anthony Thévenet Morgon

Region: Morgon < Beaujolais < Burgundy < France

Grapes: Gamay

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic and biodynamic farming; schist/granite soil, 10-25 days whole bunch carbonic fermentation in gravity fed concrete tanks with 6-month elevage; bottled unfined/unfiltered with 1.5ppm added SO2; 12.5% ABV

Winemaker: Anthony Thévenet

Young Anthony Thevenet is one of Cru Beaujolais' natural new guard – a protege of the movement's masters like Dutraive, Metras, Descombes and Foillard, and devout practitioner of organic/biodyanmic viticulture.  He lives with his grandmother on a farm surrounded by sheep, pigs, hens, and gardens, and, of course, vines.  One could say he has wine -- and a respect for biodiversity -- in his blood.  In 2010, Anthony inherited his grandpa’s vineyard in Villié-Morgon, vines ranging from 40-150 years old. That same year he began working alongside famed Bojo pioneers Jean Foillard & George Descombes in the vineyard and in the cellar. While he struck out on his own in 2013, he had honed his skills and passion for vin naturel for 6 years in Decombes’ and Foillard’s cellars.  These experiences shaped him, but he's developed a style all his own in his quest to make elegant vin de soif: a light-styled, fruit-driven wine that you can drink at any hour. He wants people to want to finish his bottle after opening it.

And trust us, there is no problem finishing this bottle of Morgon.  We were elated to snag the last of his 2017 vintage, which, though not as epic as 2016, was cooler and more balanced than the 2018 vintage you mostly find on the market today.  And this bottle is in a super sweet spot today.   Translucent but cloudy, cherries and high-acid raspberries tossed with white pepper, spice and wet earth. That high-toned lift and pure juicy joy from a well-done carbonic treatment.  This is classic Cru Beaujolais, of which we haven't seen much in the current vintage, so we're doubling down on Anthony's Morgon.  Because, from October, through December this is our go-to light red that we want in our glass for any and all occasions.  Stock up.

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