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2017 Anacarini ‘Signore’ Famoso

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Grapes: Famoso

Region: Ravenna > Emilia-Romagna > Italy

Vineyard / Cellar Stats: Organic/biodynamic farming with serious biodiversity in the vineyard; clay soils with sand + limestone; fermented in stainless steel, aged in cement, minimal sulfur added; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Claudio Ancarani

NEW VINTAGE!  And new label – thank goodness, the previous one was a bit racy.  So, a quick refresher on this lovely Famoso, a grape recently (re)discovered in 2000, with just 12.25 known hectares planted in the world. Records of its existence date back to 1437 but it was thought to be extinct until a mere two rows were located on a farm near Forli, the central city of Romagna. It also happens to be the pride of Claudio Ancarani, whose family's estate is located just up the road in the rolling hills above Faenza. Claudio and his father work together, taking over from his grandfather who first planted their family vineyards. He is a particular champion of the local, indigenous varieties, and was one of the first to replant Famoso in 2006 - just one hectare! He takes special care with it, harvesting only the best bunches and treating it delicately in the winery - stainless steel for fermentation and a short aging in cement. I am happy to say that his efforts have paid off. All wildflowers and honey on the nose, the palate delivers a slightly more reserved green apple, peach and white pepper. Its vibrant, textural and alive, perfect for veggie dishes, salads and early spring fare. 

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