2017 1701 Franciacorta 'Surnat'

2017 1701 Franciacorta 'Surnat'

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Region: Franciacorta < Lombardia < Italy

Grapes: Chardonnay

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic + Demeter-certified
Biodynamic farming; clay and sand soils; grapes are hand picked and
pressed on a bladder press then goes to clay Amphora vats where it
ferments on it's own and stays for 9 months.fermentation; bottled
unfined/unfiltered with no added So2; 12%; 100 cases

Winemaker: Silvia + Federico Stefini

Brother and sister duo Federico + Silvia farm one of the oldest
estates in Franciacorta (near Milan), a region known for producing top
quality Methodo Classico bubbles (Italy’s answer to Champagne). And we
mean super old. Within the 11th century walls outside of the 18th
century villa Palazzo Cazzago lies their 4 hectare vineyard. They are
not only certified organic but also biodynamic -- the first and only
certified biodynamic producer in the Franciacorta region, in fact.
They are so passionate about natural winemaking that they posted a
manifesto on their website, declaring that their insistence on organic
and biodynamic viticulture is, “far from any forcing or chemical
intervention in the vineyard, is a philosophy of life, a way to
understand and respect the vineyard in its life cycle until, in the
bottle, it fully expresses itself.”

Surnat is their amphora-aged Chardonnay, the only still wine the
Stefini sibs make at their mostly bubbles estate - it's actually the
base of their Saten Franciacorta (the good stuff!)  You get the pretty
golden apple character of Chard in full force, with no oak or butter
to mask it, along with flowers and herbs.  It's savory and a touch
salty, a serious wine for food or late-night contemplation.  For all
of you Chardonnay-haters out there (we're usually with you) -- give
this one a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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