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2016 Vina Stoka Teran Rosé

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Region: Kras < Slovenia
Grapes: Teran
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, limestone/dolomite soil; bottled unfined/unfiltered; no added SO2
Winemaker: Primož Stoka

On the Bay of Trieste in the Adriatic sea, the Slovenian/Italian border region of the Kras (aka Carso) was historically covered in oak forests until the Venetians deforested nearly everything to build ships and the city of Venice. The resulting erosion, famously strong “burja” winds, and soluble bedrock soil have since made it a perfect place for grapes to suffer and become great. The famous local grape here, Teran, has a medicinal history dating back to Roman times. Grown in iron-rich soils, this grape is said to be higher in resveratrol, lactic acid, and iron than most grapes, it was historically given to pregnant and lactating women to replenish their iron stores. With naturally high acidity and low sugar even when ripe, this wine looks intense because of the bright pink color, but its more bone than fat, with tangy Marasca cherries, wild berries and blood orange. Like an early spring romp in the forest. Don’t fear the pink!

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