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2016 Valerie Tissot Rose Poulsard 'Clown'

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Region: Arbois < Jura< France

Grapes: Poulsard

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: organic farming, limestone and clay soil, hillside vineyards

Winemaker: Valérie Tissot

Winemaking runs in the family with the Tissots, and Valérie and bro Jean-Christophe are the 3rd generation to work their vines in the hobbit-like region of Jura, France. Jura is a hotbed for natural winemaking and there are lots of Tissots scattered about, (there are several in the small region) but this Tissot family is new to the market. The brother and sister team of Valérie & Jean-Christophe have just fully transitioned into the leadership role, but Valérie is the cellar master (taking over from her mother, Françoise, who still sneaks in to taste!) This rosé of Poulsard, called ‘Clown’ aptly has both a fun and serious side. The color is beautiful salmon-y pink and pale onion-skin highlights. Super clean and juicy from start to finish with zesty lemon notes, white strawberry, and slightly cooked rhubarb. Hints of sagey underbrush take us straight to the French coast, and the bottle age – this is the serious part – really allows this last bit to integrate fully. This is your pizza, picnic lunch and rosé all day wine! (Also, that label though. Loving the playful clown!)

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