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2016 Tiego Teles Raiz White

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Region: Vinho Verde < Portugal
Grapes: 85% Loureiro + Trajadura, Padernã
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; 15 – 30 year old vines, sandy granite stone soil; grapes are co-fermented for 2 days in large tanks, then aged for 10 months in large, wide cement vats, in contact with fine lees; 19ppm SO2 at bottling; 12% ABV
Winemaker: Tiego Teles

It had always been Tiego’s dream to own his own vineyards, and in 2012 he got the opportunity, when, in partnership with his father, he planted himself in the Bairrada (one of Portugal’s best growing regions) and bought back the land that had previously belonged to his uncle.  And now he’s making a few cuvees of deeply personal wine, with local grapes, minimal intervention and amazing brightness. This wine comes from the Vinho Verde region, which is vast, but he’s in a small pocket in the region of Arcos dos Valdevez, 30 km away from Galicia, in a valley that’s sliced in half by a river. Northern winds keep it cool by day, and the surrounding mountains insulate it, keeping it warmer at night. A freshness you can taste in this wine, which is alive – spritzy, tongue tingling even, with bright lemon-lime, wet rock and salty notes. Like drinking a can of Fresca on a fast boat, with the salt spray mingling with the delicious juice in your mouth. Except it’s not sweet or sticky at all, just super refreshing and delicious. Love Tiego and his wines!

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