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2018 Štoka Vitovska Peneče Pet-nat

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Region: Kras < Slovenia
Grapes: Vitovska
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, limestone/dolomite soil, no added SO2; ancestral method, undisgorged, bottled under crown-cap with no added SO2; zero-zero; 11.5% ABV
Winemaker: Primož Stoka

NEW VINTAGE ALERT!  The crazy delicious Slovenian pet'nat of Vitovska is BACK!

The Slovenian/Italian border region of the Kras (aka Carso) was historically covered in oak forests until the Venetians deforested nearly everything to build ships and the city of Venice. The resulting erosion, famously strong “burja” winds, and soluble bedrock soil have since made it a perfect place for grapes to suffer and become great. Vitovska, the white grape of the Kras, generaelly makes a high-acid still white, but here Primož funks it up in the pétillant-naturel style by stopping the fermentation before all the sugar has been converted to alcohol. The wine is bottled under a crown-cap, trapped with its yeast cells and some residual sugar. As the yeast eats the sugar, gentle bubbles are created.   Slovenia is one of our favorite wine regions in the world – they’re working with their native grapes to make really interesting wines with soul, have a propensity towards natural winemaking and the wines are still terrific bargains. Like this high acid, intensely mineral bubbly that would be so good with an aperitivo spread, oysters or anything fried!

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