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2016 Reginaldina ‘Terre di Mate’ Gavi

2016 Reginaldina ‘Terre di Mate’ Gavi

Region: DOCG Gavi < Piemonte < Italy

Grape: Cortese

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Demeter certified biodynamic farming; clay soil; stainless steel fermentation and aging; allowed to complete ML; minimal added So2 at bottling only; vegan; 12% ABV
Stefania Carrea

Stefania Carrea inherited her 10-acres of vineyards from her father, Matteo. Her brother got the other half of the property. They used to work together, but he’s a conventional farmer, and she’s hard core organic and non-interventionist, so she broke off to work on her own.  She sells 90% of the fruit to other winemakers and makes her own wine from the remaining 1.23-acres.

Stefania did not start out as a winemaker, so wasn’t saddled by 'rules'. Her fruit comes from the village of Belvedere Tassarolo (on the border with Liguria), and the proximity to the sea comes through in the wine’s distinct salinity. The Gavi DOCG is known for producing some of the best whites in Italy, and this wine is a great example, punching way above its price class. Medium-bodied, bone dry and golden in the glass, it smells like melon and flowers. You get rich, golden fruit (apples, pears, quince!) with lots of acidity and mineral notes, finishing with some creamy lemon curd.  An incredible food wine, this bottle works with pretty much anything you’re serving up. 

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