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2016 Podere Veneri Vecchio ‘Tempo Dopo Tempo’

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Region: Beneventano Bianco < Campania < Italy
Grapes: Grieco, Cerreto
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Biodynamic farming, clay and volcanic soils, spontaneous fermentation with maceration on the skins for 8 days, aged in chestnut barrels for about 8 months. Unfined/unfiltered; 11%
Winemaker: Raffaele Annichiarico  

‘Tempo dopo tempo’ translates to ‘time after time’ – and yes, we’re humming the Cyndi Lauper song as we write. The wine itself is also timeless, from a small estate up in the hills of Campania and a winemaker dedicated to bringing back grapes from the past. Raffaele Annichiarico worked as a microbiologist before becoming a winemaker and brings a worldly perspective to growing grapes that emphasizes genetic diversity, realizing that this is the only way for crops, and all life forms really, to survive. His tiny vineyards are biodynamically farmed and so he has no fear of adding no SO2, nor anything else in the winemaking process. Raffaele macerates the grapes for eight days – just enough to achieve a beautiful, golden color and preserve the wine while also ensuring its freshness and acidity. The skins also give so much flavor to the wine – white peach, freshly baked bread and a smoky note. DRINKING INSTRUCTIONS: This wine needs air and food to shine! First, give it some air – decant into a pitcher or just pour a big glass and let it sit. Because it has no added SO2 it is made in a reductive style to protect it from oxidation, so it may be a bit onion-stinky upon opening. That changes quickly! It opens up over time to reveal layers and textures, even over the course of a few days. But enjoy with food, cheese or something fatty. NOT an apertivo wine!

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