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2016 Cherchi Cannonou

2016 Cherchi Cannonou

Region: Alghero < Sardinia < Italy

Grapes: Cannanou

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, clay soils on a hilly vineyard site located at about 200 meters above sea-level. Hand harvested, de-stemmed, gently crushed and soft-pressed, 8-10 days of skin contact, aging in mostly steel tanks, some in big wooden casks for 6 months; minimal So2 at bottling only; 13.5% ABV
Winemaker: Giovanni Cherchi 

Sardinia’s most famous red grape, Cannanou, has been found to have the highest levels (2-3x) of polyphenols like Resveratrol (healthy antioxidants) of any grape.  And Sardinians have some of the longest lifespans on earth, thanks in part to their healthy Mediterranean diet that includes an average of two glasses of wine (like Cannanou) per day.  Both of these facts make us love the Cannanou -- and want to move to the island of Sardinia.  But Sardinia is hot and dry, and much of the local Cannanou harvest is picked later, meaning they’re on the vine soaking up that island sun longer, growing fat, sweet and boozy.  Which we don’t love as much.  Giovanni Cherchi doesn't either, so he’s vigilant about picking early to keep retain the freshness and acidity, and steering clear or wood and other interventions that prevent the glorious Sardinian terroir from shining through. His version of Cannanou is light and breezy, garrigue-y and red-fruited, taking us immediately to the Sardinian coast.  Blue sky, scrubby sagebrush and sandy soils – we get all of that in the glass. Plus, red cherry, tart cherry, herbs, and spice.  We’re happy to drink our daily dose of antioxidants in this glass of Cannonou – best way to get your vitamins, ever!  #healthyish

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