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2015 Tripoz Bourgogne Rouge ‘Chant de la Tour’

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Price: $24
Region: Burgundy < France 
Grapes: Pinot Noir
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: certified organic and biodynamic since 2006, clay with broken down limestone soil, fermented in stainless steel and aged in barrels for less than a year
Winemaker: Céline& Laurent Tripoz

There are a few natural winemakers in Burgundy, but the movement has been slow to spread here, partly due to its long-standing traditions, partly due to the cost of doing business and partly due to weather – it is difficult to farm organically in a region that gets so much rain. But, several adventurous winemakers are taking the risks and producing some killer juice. The Tripoz are at the forefront of the movement here, and have managed to achieve the authenticity that all Burgundian winemakers seek – crystalline, pure Pinot Noir – that is not only delicious, it transports to you the place itself. The Tripoz believe that the only way to get a sense of terroir in their wine is to work in the most natural manner. The Bourgogne Rouge “Chant de la Tour” comes from a parcel planted in 2001 that has never seen any synthetic products and I have no doubt this has a lot to do with the result. It is hard to describe that feeling of standing in a vineyard in Burgundy, but this wine will take you there. It’s like inhaling raspberries covered in thyme and wet leaves and then adding the minerality and juicy finish of all classic Pinot Noir. This could be my house red all winter long!

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