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2015 Tokaj Nobilis Sarga Muskotaly

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Price: $20
Region: Tokaj < Hungary 
Grapes: Sárga Muskotály (Yellow Muscat)
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: mixture of heavy clay soils with exposed volcanic tuffa and hardened black andesite, hand harvested and destemmed, fermented and aged in stainless steel.
Winemaker: Sarolta Bárdos

As a mother myself, I always appreciate the efforts of another working mom because I know the balance and struggle required. Sarolta Bárdos is one of those who is making it work on all levels. Originally from Tokaj, she studied wine in Italy, France and Spain before returning to where she grew up to start a family and then on top of that, her own business. She rehabilitated six hectares of vines near the town of Bodrogkeresztúr by herself and also bought and retrofitted a nearby farmhouse into a winery (as well as her family’s home). All of this in a country that was behind the Iron Curtain until 1989! But, it’s what in the bottle that counts. I was enamored with this Sárga Muskotály from the start with its gorgeous notes of orange water and honey blossom, and light floral aroma. The kick of acid at the end completes the wine and also reminds us we’re in Tokaj, where the volcanic soils tend to impart a smoky flavor. Its sexy and feminine, but with enough acid to pair with rich stews or a soufflé with lots of paprika.

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