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2015 Stolpman Carbonic Sangiovese

Regular price $21

Price: $21
Region: Santa Ynez Valley < CA 
Grapes: Sangiovese
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: biodynamic farming, loam and slate soil, fermented and aged in xx; unfined/unfiltered; <20ppm sulfur
Winemaker: Sashi Moorman

Founder Tom Stolpman loves Italian wine, especially Sangiovese, so they make two: a ripe oak-aged one, and this fresh, light, rustic, drink-now Carbonic verson. Carbonic maceration is a method of fermentation typically used in the Loire Valley, whereby grapes, picked early for high acid, are not crushed but put in a tank, topped with CO2 and left alone for fermentation to happen within the berries. This is gulpable, low-alcohol grapey goodness, with bright cranberry fruit and clean acidity. Serve in a tumbler, slightly chilled, with an antipasti platter or pizza or mac & cheese.

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