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2015 Rojac Malvazija

2015 Rojac Malvazija

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Region: Istra < Slovenia  
Grapes: Istrska Malvazija (Malvasia Istriana)
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic, non-GMO and Slovenian eco-certified, sandy soil, harvested in early morning for cool temps, fermented and aged in stainless steel
Winemaker: Uroš Rojac

Slovenia lies at the very eastern edge of Western Europe, bordering Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. And if you look veeeery closely you will notice a tiny sliver of coastline on the Adriatic Sea south of Trieste (Italy) – it’s a mere 30 miles long, and is home to the Malvasia Istriana grape. There are over a dozen different Malvasia grape varietals sprinkled throughout Europe, but none are more esteemed than the Istriana variety, which has higher acid and a unique ability to reflect terroir. Uroš Rojac, who took over the family estate after the untimely death of his father in 2005, makes a true and honest Malvasia Istriana that speaks clearly of its place next to the sea. It’s lithe and crisp, with a very distinct note of saltiness that feels like waves crashing on nearby rocks. Lightly floral with predominantly citrus notes of key lime and tangerine and finishing with a honeyed tang, this wine continues to develop over time in the glass. Such a pretty wine.

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