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2015 Frisach ‘La Foradada’

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Price: $23
Region: Terra Alta < Spain 
Grapes: Garnatxa Blanca (Grenache Blanc)
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, iron-rich calcareous clay soil at 390m elevation, zero added SO2
Winemaker: Francesc Ferre

New vintage on this wine, another Rock Juice repeat! This fresh prince is what every Garnatxa Blanca aspires to be.  Francesc makes a selection and ferments it dry with its skins; he adds nothing, not even sulfur.  It’s elegant, scintillating and evokes a happy place like summer peaches exploding with bright juice, or a warm breeze carrying salty, sun-baked clay, wild herbs and the sea.  This vintage is a little more fruit-forward, with some surprisingly firm tannins. Delicious, complex, haunting – you’ll still be thinking about this wine, long after the last sip. Note: this is the new vintage that is literally just off the boat, having landed in the port of Oakland last week, so she needs a little time to settle. Please DECANT or open the bottle and pour out a glass, then let both sit for ½ hour before enjoying. Or just sit on the bottle for a few weeks.

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