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2015 Fattoria Alois Falanghina ‘Caulino’

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Region: Campania < Italy 
Grapes: Falanghina
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, volcanic soils, hand harvested, fermented and aged in stainless steel, aging on lees before bottling, low added SO2
Winemaker: Michele and Massimo Alois

There has been a farm on the Alois property in Caserta, an hour north of Naples, since 1885, though it was used to produce only silk until 1992. Caserta was the silk capital of Europe, and the Alois family were leaders in the silk business, sending their fancy cloth all over the world, outfitting even the Louvre, the White House and Italian Parliament. In 1992, Michele Alois decided to plant vines on his property with his son, Massimo, with the goal of producing wine of similar quality. I had the pleasure of visiting Massimo this summer, and spending a few days with his family, experiencing the most amazing Southern Italian hospitality, while learning so much about the region, his farming practices and philosophy. Incredible dedication and passion, which comes through in the wines. This Falanghina is bright and juicy, with tropical notes, citrus and fresh-cut pear. So perfect with anything seafood, or anything, really.

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