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2015 Bibich Debit

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Region: North Dalmatia < Croatia 
Grapes: Debit
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: organic farming, black and grey sand over a limestone base, dry-farmed, hand harvested, head trained vines, fermented and aged in stainless steel
Winemaker: Alen Bibić

Croatian winemaker Alen Bibić is credited with almost single-handedly bringing the indigenous grape, Debit, to the international stage, thanks to his passion for his homeland and party-guy personality. Spend just five minutes with him and you’ll already be in love with his wines. Spend a few minutes longer and you will learn about Alen’s father, his prized small plots of land scattered throughout the local hills and his dedication to expressing the terroir of each of these. This fresh white, reminiscent of a Loire Sauv Blanc, has intense floral aromatics, tropical fruit notes and extreme drinkability. Hipster juice for the Sancerre-loving set.

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