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2017 Ryan Stirm E00lian Riesling Kick-On Ranch

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Region: Central Coast < California
Grapes: Riesling
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; sandy loam soil made up of a mix of eolian sand dunes and alluvial deposits; hand harvested; 12 hours skin contact; aged on lees in neutral barrel; minimal added SO2
Ryan Stirm

Riesling can be a bit of a divisive variety. Though it’s the uncontested darling of many sommeliers and wine folks, the ones we all actually drink after a long floor shift or a long day of palate-numbing tastings, it’s a hard sell for most wine drinkers.  Our experience, and that of many somms, is that Riesling is often met with eye rolls, and the expectation of cloying aromatics and sweetness. But Ryan Stirm, a true advocate for Riesling, would change any anybody’s mind with his wines, which are pure, pristine and bone-dry — forget Riesling, these are just excellent white wines that you WANT to drink. He ferments with whole clusters and native yeasts, producing honest, authentic wines that speak of the vintage and the land. This 2017 Riesling comes from his plot at Kick On Ranch north of Santa Barbara, which he farms organically (he’s going through the certification process). Kick On is perhaps one of the best vineyards for Riesling in all of California and with an expert like Stirm at the helm, the results are pure brilliance. Like this very unusual no-added-So2 cuvee that is bone dry with loads of texture and puckery acidity flow into of green apple, unripe peach and savory herbs; As Ryan likes to say, pour a big glass and get your daily dose of Vitamin R!

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