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2014 Poco a Poco Grenache

2014 Poco a Poco Grenache

Price: $23 

Region: Mendocino < California
Grapes: Grenache
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Biodynamic farming, granite + volcanic soil, fermented and aged in neutral barrel, unfined/unfiltered
Winemaker: Luke Bass

What do you do when it’s a hot day, maybe there’s a picnic or barbeque on the schedule, and you are not in the mood for rosé? (Unthinkable, I know!) But hey, it could happen, and when it does, this is the wine for which you should reach. Poco a Poco is the 2nd label from Luke and Elena Bass, proprietors of the Porter Bass winery. Their estate produces in such tiny quantity that they needed to add sourced fruit to their repertoire, and I am so glad they did. Despite its second label status, it is no slouch. With grapes sourced from a Demeter-certified Biodynamic vineyard above Hopland, Luke makes the wine in the same cellar, with the same low-intervention methods, as with his estate fruit. We love its juiciness and drinkability, but its also got floral notes and some delightful plum and cherry going on. Throw it in the cooler for a few minutes and your fellow BBQrs will thank you for it!

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