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2014 Martinčič Cvicek, 1L

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Region: Posavje < Slovenia
Grapes: Kraljevina, Laški Rizling, Sylvaner, Zlahtnina (aka Chasselas), Ranfol, Lipna, Žametovka, Franconian, Portugalka.
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, native yeast, minimal added SO2

Apart from Tuscan Chianti, Cviček (pronounced “Tsvee-check”) is the only wine in the world with a legally protected blend of local red and white grapes. Besides the slew of crazy grapes, this style of wine is unique because of it’s low alcohol (8.5-10%), that it is completely dry, and has crazy high acidity. While technically a red wine, it looks like a dark rosé but has the weight of a white and the texture of a red. It’s what the Slovenian locals drink in winter while they’re waiting for their reds to be bottled. This is clean, easy-drinking, winter all-purpose pink wine, one that will work with pretty much everything on the table.

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