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2014 Le Coste Littrozo Bianco, 1L

2014 Le Coste Littrozo Bianco, 1L

Price: $24

Region: Lazio < Italy
Grapes: Procanico (AKA Trebbiano), Malvasia, Roscetto, Romanesco, Petino
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic/biodynamic farming, iron-rich volcanic soil, zero SO2 or additions of any kind, unfined/unfiltered
Winemaker: Gianmarco Antonuzzi

A young couple, Gianmarco Antonuzzi and Clementine Bouveron, took over 14 hectares of land surrounding the volcanic Lake Bolsena near Gianmarco’s childhood town of Gradoli, in Lazio’s north, in 2004, and restored it to its natural farming roots. In addition to vineyards they tend ancient olive groves, chestnut trees, shrubs and oaks. He vinifies his wine in an ancient cellar in the village’s centre, with no additions at all. This liter jug of happiness is the vino da tavola of my dreams – bright, energetic, clean, and just 10% alcohol. Built to guzzle. Super dry, with puckery lemon, herbal and earthy notes and some orange rind, and just the right amount of funk. An excellent all-purpose food wine, although it’s got brunch written all over it.

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