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2014 Kosovec Skrlet

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Price: $18
Region: Moslavina < Croatia 
Grapes: Skrlet
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; sandy loam soil, fermented and aged in stainless steel; unfined/unfiltered; low added SO2
Winemaker: Ivan Kosovec

Skrlet is a local varietal that only grows in this hilly area of central Croatia and nowhere else in the world. Ivan Kosovec, who organically farms his small estate here, is responsible for bringing back this rare grape (there are only 70 acres in the world planted to Skrlet). And apparently Ivan is a total badass. To make sure he had pristine soil for his Skrlet vines, he cleared out a 3.5 hectare plot of forest BY HAND, BY HIMSELF, then worked the winery for 6+ years without electricity, running it on generators until the country could get him some juice for his juice! Clearly a labor of love for Ivan, and we too are smitten with his story and this wine. Bracing, aromatic, with lots of minerality, flowers, a light touch of honey and citrus on the finish. Amazing with seafood, salads, white meat, and anything in the briny, salty, citrusy family.

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