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2014 Azul y Garanza Viura, 1L

2014 Azul y Garanza Viura, 1L

Price: $16

Region: Navarra < Spain
Grapes: Viura
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic, dry-farmed, clay/calcareous soil, minimal added SO2
Winemaker: Dani Sanchez & Maria Barrena

I love the story of how this wine came to be. Dani and Maria found a small vineyard of Viura on the edge of the National Park of the Bardenas Reales of Navarre, where minimal water, rainfall and extreme temperature change from day to night create the perfect storm for challenging the vines and making great wine. They recognized the potential of this terroir, planted a few more rows, and went to the Spanish government saying we’d been taking care of these plots, could we please make wine from it? And so we have this bright, floral happy wine from grapes planted on virgin soils, picked early, by hand, to maintain character, and fermented in concrete tanks. Pale, almost clear, dry, with pear and citrus, and balanced acidity. A great big 1L jug of delicious water.

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