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2014 Antonio Sanz Verdejo

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Region: Spain
Grapes: Verdejo
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic, 750m elevation, harvested at night, stainless steel fermentation and aging
Winemaker: Antonio Sanz

A pioneer in the region of Rueda, Antonio Sanz is directly responsible for putting this area on the map for quality white wine in Rueda. He founded one of the first wineries in the region in 1976, before the D.O. was even awarded in 1984. He was also the first to implement innovations like harvesting at night, when the temperatures are cooler, and use modern tools like stainless steel. When people around him saw his success, they began attempting the same things, putting the area back on the map for quality white wine and drawing attention to its native variety, Verdejo, which is all he works with. Rueda is in the middle of nowhere, on a high-elevation plain, crazy hot in the summer, with a large diurnal temperature shift, and long and cold winters. Not the most hospitable place for people but it makes for distinctive wine. This wine is bright and palate cleansing but offers so much more- beautiful floral notes, tropical fruit, honeysuckle, pear and white pepper. Perfect with grilled seafood but with the body to stand up to heartier dishes.

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