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2013 Dr. Kauer Oberdiebacher Fuerstenberg Kabinett Feinherb Riesling

Regular price $30

Price: $30
Region: Mittelrhein < Germany 
Grapes: Riesling
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: certified organic farming, loam and slate soil, fermented and aged in large oak barrels
Winemaker: Dr. Randolf Kauer

This is racy, dry Riesling from the guy who literally wrote the book on organic viticulture in Germany. Dr. Randolf Kauer is a professor at the University at Giesenheim, world famous for its oenology program and responsible for multiple viticulture and winemaking innovations now utilized around the world. His 3.5 hectare vineyard has been used as a test site for the University since 1982 and you can still buy wines there made by his students. But, it’s his area of expertise and instruction – organic farming – that inspires our devotion. Dr. Kauer produces a small amount of wine from this vineyard under his own label, and it is a beautiful thing. There is some sugar here but this is not a sweet wine by any means. The high acid and bright fruit balance the extra weight and body from the RS, making it supremely palatable and food-friendly. An amazing addition to the Thanksgiving table or any meal including spice (RJ tested with kimchi – heavenly!)

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