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2013 Ansitz Rynnhof Vernatch

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Price: $22

Region: Alto Adige < Italy
Grapes: Schiava
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming, ‘Galestro’ soil (a type of rocky limestone clay) low SO2
Winemaker: Hans and Nathalie Bellutti

The Rynnhof estate in Tramin in Italy’s mountainous Alto Adige region has been around since the middle ages, with several aristocratic families growing grapes and making wine here. In 1928 the Bellutti family acquired the property and settled. Third-generation Hans Belluti, who was raised on the estate, led the change to organic farming in 2011. They’re very small, and make just three wines from indigenous varietals like this Schiava, which is is light, fresh and low in both tannins and alcohol. With bright red fruit, cherry and raspberry, this wine is totally gulpable, especially when served slightly chilled as the locals do.

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