2019 Slavcek Sivi Pinot

2019 Slavcek Sivi Pinot

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Price: $20

Region: Vipavska Dolina < Karst < Slovenia
Grapes: Sivi Pinot (Pinot Gris)
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Biodynamic farming; hilltop vineyards of lime rich marlstone soil; fermented in 50% old oak barrel, 50% stainless steel, thens rest on the lees for 3 months before aging in old acacia and oak barrels, made from trees grown on the property; 13% ABV
Winemaker: Franc Vodopivec

NEW VINTAGE ALERT!  This pretty biodynamic rose-gold PG (an insane value) is back!

Franc’s family winery has existed for 250+ years. Church records from 1769 show the house was named the Slavčevih, or Nightingale — bird names were assigned to differentiate among families who shared the same last names — which still serves as the winery’s symbol. His 10-hectare farm and agriturismo sit on steep, terraced slopes in the Vipava valley, on the border of Slovenia’s Alpine and Mediterranean regions, surrounded by cherry, peach and olives trees that prevent erosion and create biodiversity in the vineyard. Here, the family is working as they always have – everything is done by hand, everything is local, down to the barrels they make themselves from the oak and acacia trees in the vineyard.

Sivi Pinot is the Slovenian name for Pinot Gris, and the creamy texture and rose gold hue of the wine is the true color of the grape. People, this is at opposite side of the spectrum as many Pinot Grigios on the market, which can be bland and boring. Smooth and round, with a lush texture and notes of pear, tropical fruit, and citrus, it’s a satisfying winter white. For cheese, creamy pasta or richer veggie dishes.  And tacos!  So good with anything al pastor!

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