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2018 Casa Belfi Raboso ColFondo Frizzante

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Region: Treviso < Veneto < Italy

Grape: Raboso

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic (Suolo e Salute) + certified biodynamic (Demeter); grapes spend 15 days on the skin then undergo one month carbonic fermentation in tank; the fermentation pauses in winter naturally, due to cold temps, then resumes in spring until bottling under crown cap; unfined/unfiltered with no added So2; 12% ABV

Winemaker: Maurizio Donadi

Maurizio is a young enologist who bought some land and started a tiny biodynamic farm in the very industrial Prosecco region, where nobody around him is even organic.  He mostly makes Prosecco, which makes sense in this place, but his wines are very different from his neighbors.  He makes everything in the ancient Col Fondo method, which translates to “with the bottom”, meaning that the sediment or lees are still hanging out in the bottle. This is the old-school Italian "pet'nat" style.  

Here, the same method is applied to a local Venetian red grape, Raboso, which means “Fiery" in Italian, to make a naturally sparkling, dry red wine.  A lovely jumble of bright red fruit, green and crunchy vegetal notes and sweet cranberry, this lightly fizzy red tastes like Cab Franc running over rocks in an alpine stream.  It drinks totally different than Lambrusco, but if sparkling reds are your jam, try this little unicorn.  Lovely as an aperitivo with a spread of snacks and salty things.


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