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2017 Vale da Capucha ‘Fossil’

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Region: Lisboa < Portugal

Grapes: Arinto, Gouveio, Fernão Pires

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming with some biodynamic practices, Kimmeridgian soils, de-stemmed, fermented in stainless steel and aged on lees for 20 months
Winemaker: Pedro Marques

NEW VINTAGE ALERT!  The wine we like to call “Portugese Chablis” is back!

Young winemaker Pedro Marques was certified organic in 2012 and is establishing a tradition of quality and purposeful winemaking in this region formerly known strictly for quantity. Because of the excellent terroir, he can add texture and body with time on the lees and in bottle before release.

This crisp white is a blend of three native Portuguese grape grown on rocky Kimmeridgian soil – best-known for giving Chablis wines that famous chalky minerality. This area, a sea bed over 150 million years ago, is made up of deposits of tons of calcified seashells, infusing the soil with a huge limestone component. Imprints and fossils are still uprooted in the vineyard to this day, hence the name of the wine.  The wine gets some skin contact for body and texture, which comes across as creamy peach and pear, but the salty minerality and zesty lemon dominates the elegant palate.  Drink this with seafood of all sorts, cheese plates, or risotto.

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