2019 Salvatore Marino Turi Bianco (orange)

2019 Salvatore Marino Turi Bianco (orange)

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Region: Pachino < Sicily < Italy
Grapes: Catarratto
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Biodynamic farming; whole cluster crushed and macerated on skins for 3 days before pressing and aging in concrete tank until bottling in the spring following the harvest; bottled unfined/unfitlered w/ minimal added So2; 11.5% ABV
Winemaker: Salvatore Marino

Near Syracuse on Sicily's Southern end, in his hometown of Pachino (famous for its delicious little tomatoes), Salvatore Marino started his tiny namesake project in 2017.  A 5th-gen winemaker, Salvatore abides by the wisdom of his grandparents, who taught him that wine is made in the vineyards, so his focus is supporting biodiversity in the vineyard.  Which means he works entirely by hand, with green manure as the only additive in the vineyard, following the cycles of the moon in accordance with biodynamic practices, and doesn't till.  With 5.5 hectares total, he only has 1.5 hectares under vine, planted in free standing bushes. According to Marino, "hoe and pruning shears are the tools I use most."

He only makes 3 wines, and they're all great.  This is his white, made of Catarratto, a fairly aromatic grape indigenous to Sicily.   He lets it macerate on the skins for just 3 days, enough time to give it a kiss of texture and amplify the aromatics, but not so much that it mutes the bright acidity or veers into tannic land.  It is refreshingly light and low ABV (11.5%!), and so so pretty, with notes of white flowers, Mediterranean herbs, fuzzy, ripe peaches, and a nostalgic SweeTART candy thing on the finish.  A very friendly orange wine that everyone can enjoy, not just the natty bros.

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