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2017 Quarticello Ferrando

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Region: Val d'Enza < Emilia Romagna < Italy
Grapes: Lambrusco Salamino
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Certified organic farming with biodynamic practices, gravely sand-clay soils; made in the traditional method, with one-day skin maceration, secondary fermentation in bottle, then bottle aged 6-8 months before release; bottled unfined/unfiltered with zero added SO2; 11.5% ABV
Winemaker: Roberto Maestri

Quarticello began in 2001 when the Maestri family purchased 8 hectares in Emilia-Romagna and Roberto's grandfather began making wine as a hobby. But Roberto fell in love with the land and with the vines so he took off to study viticulture and enology and returned permanently in 2006 to make wine using only indigenous grapes and no chemical inputs, old school wines that truly reflected their place.  From the start, Roberto worked organically and now employs many biodynamic practices. His bubbles are made the traditional way here in Emilia, with the second fermentation completed in the bottle - so technically traditional method and not pet’nat.  

Ferrando is sparkling rosato of Lambrusco Salamino done in the traditional method, with second fermentation in bottle using the must from the same vineyard.   The grapes only spend a night with their skins, tinting the juice the most gorgeous shade of pink. Bone dry and lightly fizzy, with blood orange and tart red fruit, sour cherries and a savory, minty finish.  If you are so inclined, do as they do in Emilia and serve with a nice slice of prosciutto or two.

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