NV Carolina Gatti ‘La Bolle del Fugazi' Frizzante

NV Carolina Gatti ‘La Bolle del Fugazi' Frizzante

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Region: Ponte di Piave < Veneto < Italy 
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Raboso, Merlot
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic farming; clay-chalk soils with 20 year-old vines; made in the frizzante col fondo style, un-disgorged, bottled under crown cap with no added SO2; zero-zero; 11% ABV
Winemaker: Carolina Gatti

We've featured Carolina Gatti, a radical young winemaker who took over her family's 250-year-old estate in the Prosecco region of the Veneto, a few times (hello, Col Fondo Prosecco and that gorgeous, spicy Cab!). Her outfit is a rustic farm in the boondocks of Italy's Veneto region, where she works the land herself, with no chemical inputs, and makes the wines with very little intervention.  She’s pushing boundaries and making gutsy, unorthodox wines in a very conventional, by-the-books region.  She also blogs about natural wine and sports a spiky platinum haircut that looks like a cross between a pixie and a mohawk.  A shorter, punkier Debra Harry.  In short, she’s a rad chick.  And we dig her wines.  

Like this unusual fizzy blend of the red grapes that grow well in this cool, wet region: Cab, Merlot and Raboso.  Super dry and crunchy with wild berries and a dominant green, stemmy thing (hallmarks of Cab, Merlot + Raboso in the Veneto), this is the perfect guzzler for pizza or anything fatty -- the acid and fizz will cut right through the fat, and refresh the palate.  Super fun.  

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