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2020 D. Marioni X Fres.Co Miha Gewurztraminer Piquette

2020 D. Marioni X Fres.Co Miha Gewurztraminer Piquette

Region: Sonoma < California

Grape: Gewurztraminer

Vineyard/cellar stats: Organic, regenerative farming; 2nd pressing of
Gewurztraminer skins/pumice with spring water and organic lemon juice
for added acidity – sparkling, conditioned with fresh Gewurztraminer
juice for refermentation; bottled unfined/unfiltered with no added
So2; zero-zero; 7% ABV.

Winemaker: Jack Sporer + Dan Marioni

Dan Marioni (Winemaker, Sonoma Mountain Winery + Founder of Scribe)
and Jack Sporer (Fres.Co) are two born and raised Sonoma chaps.
Friends since they were youngsters, they are now making wine under the
same roof in their hometown at Jack's new natural wine
collective/custom crush facility in Sonoma.  After working 10 harvests
in 5 countries , Jack started the Fresh Wine Co. to support local
farmers and highlight Sonoma Valley's growing commitment to
regenerative agriculture.  Explains Jack: "Regenerative grape farming
is of paramount importance to the Fresh Wine Company. We work with
grape farmers dedicated to changing the agricultural paradigm in
Sonoma Valley, hoping to heal the earth and the community. These
farmers have transitioned several properties from conventional strip
spraying to regenerative and sustainable practices. Working without
synthetic pesticides, conserving groundwater, and improving soil tilth
to sequester carbon and protect waterways are practices central to the
Fresh Wine Company's mission."

This is one of the first wine projects we've seen coming out the gate
with such a strong commitment to regenerative farming, which is
incredible and hopefully serves as a model for more wine projects to
come.  And we're LOVING the juice these guys are producing, like these
piquettes.  ICYMI, piquette is a peasant beverage hailing back to the
18th century, made by adding water to pressed grape skins, in this
case Gewürztraminer farmed regeneratively by friends up the road. It
was traditionally drunk by laborers in the vineyards and winery, but
has been rediscovered by the natural wine world, as many producers are
catching on to the efficiency of recycling the grape musts to create a
second product.  And consumers are also embracing the refreshing,
low-ABV qualities of Piquette.  Win win!

Jack's take on the Gewurz Piquette: This wine is eager to be drunk. It
tends to spill out a bit once opened, which is normal, natural, and
often exciting. You can reduce your loss by chilling the bottle
extensively and having a glass nearby to catch what comes out."   Our
take: Unlike many Piquettes, which retain a bit of RS, this one is
SUPER DRY, like grapefruit juice meets jasmine tea.  But super fun and
refreshing.  It's also quite explosive if not handled correctly.
Here's the secret: freeze it for 60-70 minutes (yes it needs that
long).  Then open gently, over the sink, and definitely have a glass
handy to capture any runaway juice.

SERVING NOTES:  Freeze it for 60-70 minutes (yes it needs that long).
Then open gently, over the sink, and have a glass handy to capture any
runaway juice

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