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2020 Krasna Hora 'La Blanca'

2020 Krasna Hora 'La Blanca'

Region: Moravia < Slovacko  < Czech Republic
Grapes: Riesling (40%), Gewürztraminer (20%), Sauvignon Blanc (20%), Pinot Blanc (10%), Neuburger (10%)
Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Biodynamic farming; loess and sand soils; 40% Riesling - tank fermentation, the rest skin-contact fermentation 2-3 weeks in big open casks after pressing then aged in tank; 11.5% ABV
Winemaker: Ondřej Dubas

Krasna Hora, started in the 1960’s by Marek Vybíral’s grandfather, has around 15 hectares of biodynamic, certified organic vineyards in Czechia that they manage by hand, with zero chemical inputs. And they're on the cutting edge for the region, with young winemaker, Ondřej Dubas, nephew of current proprietor Marek, pushing boundaries to make natural wine (rare here) -- and and making a name for himself in the process.  The estate's name, Krásná Hora, translates to “beautiful mountain”, a tribute to the the green mountains where their vines reside.  The family's focus is on making the land and fruit as healthy as possible, and letting the wines speak for themselves.  

This delicate orange wine is a field blend that gets 2-3 weeks on the skins, unleashing the aromatic floral, citrus and herby notes of these varietals, without getting into an overly tannic situation. And while the palate is bone-dry with big acidity and plenty of structure from the skin contact, the fruit is vibrant and heady, with lemon peel, white flowers and crisp nectarine before the long, savory finish.  Such a beautiful wine, and an excellent introduction to the natural wine scene in the Czech Republic.

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