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2019 Jasz Laci ‘Rising Sun’ Orange

2019 Jasz Laci ‘Rising Sun’ Orange

Region: Somló < Hungary

Grapes: Juhfark, Chardonnay and Pátria

Vineyard/Cellar Stats: Organic/biodynamic farming, volcanic soil, 4
days skin contact then fermented in stainless steel; bottled
unfined/unfiltered with no added So2; zero-zero; 11.5%

Winemaker: Jász Laci

Jász Laci founded the “Nagy Bajuszú Jász Laci Pincéje” (The Big
Mustached Jász Laci’s Winery) in 2013 on Somló hill, an extinct
volcanic butte in western Hungary. His two first wines were both
unique skin contact styles: an orange wine and a síller (minimal skin
contact red). Shortly thereafter, he completed degrees in winemaking
and viticulture. His thesis was on low-sulfur winemaking and the
Kartulian (Georgian) winemaking method. Now, he only makes wines that
spend time on their skins (orange wines) in accordance with these
ancient methods. He adds zero or very little sulfur in the cellar.
“These wines can be divisive, but they are always exciting,” he says.
His playground is the Somló (Shoam-low) region, Hungary’s smallest
appellation and once an underwater volcano. Now dormant, its slopes of
ancient sea sediment, hardened lava, and basalt are home to some of
Hungary’s steepest vineyards. The wines of Somló, all white wines (no
red grapes are grown here), tend to be pretty acidic and full of smoky
volcanic minerality.

Jász's "Rising Sun" is a blend of Juhfark, Chardonnay and Pátria (a
crossing between Welschriesling and Gewurtztraminer) that spends 4
months on the skins, giving it a deep amber hue and rich, spicy
aromas. But because these aromatic grape varietals are not
thick-skinned or tannic, it never feels grippy or tea-like, as many
orange wines can.  Instead you get beautiful yellow apple, apricot and
lemon notes that are bright and salty on the palate, with a long,
minerally finish and dense but silky texture.  Chill, but don't serve
icy cold, and enjoy as a post-prandial sipper, or with food - this
baby shines with a cheese platter or richer veggie-forward fare -
think mushrooms, nuts or anything squash.
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