Kiralyudvar Furmint Sec

Kiralyudvar Furmint Sec

The Kiralyudvar Furmint Sec, an amazing dry white from an historic estate in Hungary (Királyudvar literally means The Kings Court), was perfect with the the bright flavors and creamy texture of the Farro Risotto with Arugula.  Furmint, the grape, is a traditional Hungarian variety that is typically made into the famous sweet Tokaji wines. Dry, I think it tastes like Chenin Blanc, with lush texture, zippy acidity and a nutty, floral, honeyed character. In fact, the estate is the sister property to the famed Huet (masters of Vouvray) in France’s Loire Valley.  Amazing value for the price, attributes that I love (small production, biodynamically farmed), and would be 2x the price if it were from somewhere more famous than Hungary. Love this juice!

Caveat: it may not be easy to source. If you can’t find it, send me a message and I’ll help direct you…


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