Healthy Wine? One Woman’s Search for a Better Drink

Healthy Wine? One Woman’s Search for a Better Drink

Our patients ask us all the time, “Is wine good for me? If so, what is the best type to drink?

According to Parsley Health’s San Francisco Medical Director Dr. Tiffany Lester, all wine is not created equal and it’s not just about box vs. bottle. Even expensive wine can be loaded with preservatives, additives, and pesticides. She sees patients who remove wine from their diet for a set period of time and immediately feel alert with soaring energy levels.  This is likely from the toxins present in many wines that gives that awful hangover. Oftentimes they also lose a few stubborn pounds.

But wines that aren’t loaded with preservatives, additives and pesticides may actually have some health benefits for you. Research shows that an antioxidant found in red wine, may help heart health by preventing damage to blood vessels and preventing blood clots.

When it comes to wine,quality matters. And, we aren’t talking about price. We’re talking about getting rid of all the junk in wine that can make you feel terrible. We caught up with Melissa Gisler Modanlou  a natural wine sommelier and founder of Rock Juice,a personal sommelier service focused on sustainably-farmed, low-intervention natural wines to get the low down on the best wines to drink and why.

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