Piquette Sampler 3-pack

Piquette Sampler 3-pack

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You've probably heard about piquette, the wine-light refresher
clocking in anywhere between 4-10% ABV, and generally less than
$25/bottle.  Both good things, but what is it exactly?  Well, Piquette
is sort of like a wine cooler, made by a second pressing of the grape
pomace with spring water. The name comes from the French word for
“prick” or “prickle,” which describes the drink’s slight fizz. Given
that it was a cheap-to-produce drink made from the scraps of
winemaking, it was given to slaves and field workers.  Fast forward to
today, when piquette is often the preferred drink of vineyard workers
at the lunch table, as its low alcohol encouraged post-lunch
productivity rather than that booze-fueled stupor.

We love piquette not only for its low ABV, refreshing qualities but also because it's
super eco-friendly - after all, this is literally wine made from the scraps.  Nothing wasted!  Try a sampler of three different piquette styles in this mix, which will feature rotating bottles from small producers, as most piquette is made in teeny tiny quantities.


*NOTE: bottles pictured are NOT guaranteed to be the ones you get.  These are tiny production wines and often allocated so we're constantly selling through and rotating the selection.

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