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PASSPORT: New Zealand

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If you, like us, are dying to go down under, and visit the magical island of New Zealand, this one's for you.  We've assembled some insanely good, clean examples of Kiwi juice, including two takes on the island's ubiquitous Sauv Blanc -- one fuzzy from skin-cuddling, and one straight up classic -- but both are beyond organic and completely unmanipulated (unlike much of the NZ SB).  We round out the set with a Crazy by Nature biodynamic red/white co-ferment that is far more interesting and drinkable than your average Pinot from the region.  Pour a big glass and queue up Lord of the Rings...


*NOTE: bottles pictured are NOT guaranteed to be the ones you get.  These are tiny production wines and often allocated so we're constantly selling through and rotating the selection. 

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